Friday, 31 August 2012
Hello everyone! I hope you are having a lovely week. For this Friday's blog post I am sharing my current makeup wishlist with you. To be more precise, I will be writing about the Nars products I want to try. You might have noticed the picture on the right of this blog, which is basically this list. Keep in mind that my list can change in a second, because I might change my mind on some products. Anyway, let's get started!
Finland Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF30/PA+++

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer:
I don't remember how long I've been debating over this product. It's definitely an expensive purchase, but I've heard such good reviews on it that I know I must try it. I love the high SPF, since I live in a very sunny country and I'm so pale. Also, I think the colour range is great and I'm going to try "Finland", when I decide to buy it. To be honest, I haven't tried a tinted moisturiser yet.
Have you tried this product? Would you recommend it?
Siberia Sheer Glow Foundation

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation:
Now, I have seen a lot of love-hate for this product. Some people love this to death and some just don't like it. I personally hope to like it, when and if I decide to spend that much money on a single product. I am a big fan of the "healthy glow" look, and I don't like matte foundations, since I have normal to dry skin. In addition, I think I would get the lightest shade called Siberia, or maybe a darker one? I haven't decided yet.
Gina BlushHave you tried this one? Is it worth 40 Euro? Again the picture is from
Nars Blushes:
Nars is so famous for Orgasm Blush and Laguna Bronzer and I am so interested in their blushes. Shades like "Deep Throat" or "Gaiety" attract my attention. Everyone says how great quality these products have and I really want to have at least one Nars Blush in my makeup collection, although they're quite pricey. Their price is 29Euro, which I consider to be crazily expensive for a blush. 
So what do you think? Are they worth it?
In the picture you see Gina Nars Blush, guess why!

At the moment, these are the products I want to purchase in the future from the French cosmetics company called Nars. As you might have been able to noticed, I have never purchased anything from this brand before, because there are not sold in my country. The only way to get them is online. Thank you for spending your time on my blog! 
What are your recommendations to a Nars newbie? Love ya! Bye, Gina :)


  1. I want to try NARS sheer glow too, so many people said it's good one;}X

  2. I know! So many people love it! :)


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