Tuesday, 30 October 2012
Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well, unlike me. I have been feeling ill since Sunday night and I have missed two days of uni. I was unable to prepare for a proper good blog post, like my last post, so I am bringing you a face of the day kind of post.

I wasn't wearing this makeup today, but on Friday when I was filming a collective haul video for my youtube channel. Since I couldn't think of anything else to post, I decided a FOTD is a good idea. It's been a while since my last fotd post.
So, what am I wearing in this photo?

LR Oil Free Foundation
Mac Select Cover Up Concealer
LR Loose Powder
Saturday, 27 October 2012

Good morning everyone! I hope your day started better than mine, because my sister woke me up telling me that she heard noise and someone was in the house. We never found who it was, I'm not even sure that there was someone to find. Anyway, you don't care about that, you are here for this palette review. Also, I am sorry guys for posting this on Saturday and not Friday, but I was so tired yesterday. So, for this Saturday's blog post I am going to be talking about The Bare Palette from Sigma Beauty.

I bought this palette a year ago, around the time when they launch it along with the Dare Palette and the Flare Palette. I don't own the other palettes, but they could be a great addition to my collection at some point. I decided to go for Bare because I was lacking some basic, neutral shades for everyday and of course the double ended brush was an amazing bonus! I do not regret buying this palette and I have been using it a lot more than what I expected. Each time I am doing my makeup and I don't know what to use on my eyes I go for this product. You can create very dark and gothic looks, but also very neutral and natural eyeshadow combinations.

Friday, 19 October 2012
Hello everyone! How was your week?
Today, I gave myself a little manicure and I have decided to share a Nails Of The Week blog post with you. The colour of my choice was a product you might recognise from a previous haul. It's the 032 Splish Splash Oh My Gosh Nail Lacquer. At first I was hesitant, I thought this shade wouldn't suit my skin-tone, but I love it now. It's a great teal colour.

Moving on to the items used to achieve this simple nail design. For my base coat I used a Gosh one, the 565 Fix Base Coat, which was also shown in that haul post with Splish Splash. For my main colour I used two coats of Splish Splash. Since a previous Oh My Gosh nail lacquer that I've used, Light Nutmeg, was incredibly sheer, I was surprised that this one wasn't. It can be perfect with just one coat and it dries fast. In addition I think the brush is pretty good. For my ring finger I've applied three round, medium sized, black rhinestones, using a toothpick. I bought the wheel from eBay. To seal the rhinestones I applied two coats of OPI Top Coat and one coat to the rest of the nails. The first time I applied this top coat, I didn't like it and now I am kind of obsessed with it! 

I believe there's nothing more that I want to add to this post. Thank you for reading and I hope you'll have an amazing weekend. I shall talk to you on Tuesday, bye-bye for now. Love, Gina.
Tuesday, 16 October 2012
Hello everyone! How are you? Today I had my multimedia midterm exam and after that I decided to treat myself with a little shopping spree. So now I have a haul for you!

This item is so amazingly adorable! I absolutely love it! It's from Stradivarius and around 8€. Also, I purchased a black cardigan similar to the one I showed in my clothing wishlist which was 16€ and Medium sized. The last item I got from Stradivarius was a taupe, loose top which was 13€. Initially I picked up the Medium sized one, but it was enormous! So I bought the Small one. Moving on to Terranova. I bough this top that has a leopard or cheetah print, I really can't tell which is which! The top costed me 8€ and I also bought a teal pair of trousers. They're so soft that they feel like leggings, but a lot thicker. These were 16€ and both clothing items are a size small. I think I am going to get another pair of those trousers in a different colour and probably a medium size.

I am very pleased with the stuff I bought! I am thinking of filming a collective haul, since I have been making small purchases so often. What have you bought recently? Do you like any of the items shown?

Thank you for reading. I shall talk to you on Friday :)
Friday, 12 October 2012
Hello my beautiful angles! I've missed you! You have no idea how much studying I have been doing, and frankly I am beginning to question whether I should be in Uni in the first place. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be fine after my mid-term exams.

For this Friday's blog post I shall be talking about my first lipstick from Mac, which is Myth. Well, I wouldn't call this product a favourite of mine. I don't think it looks good on pale people like me. It really depends on how it's applied. One day it can look great and the next it could be completely unflattering.
I remember the day I bought this product, it was two years ago. I was so tired and I just went into the Mac store and I asked for a nude lipstick. Everyone was following the nude lip trend and I wanted to try it. The lady swatched quite a few shades on her hand, and there was one that I liked. She cleaned it and gave it to me to test it. For some odd reason, I liked it on my lips at the store, I believe the lighting had something to do with that, considering it was twilight. So I paid 17€ for this and imagine my disappointment when I got home and tried it again. I though it looked horrible, like a dead, or ill person. Maybe the girl had given me the wrong colour. I guess we will never now. By the way the colour looks darker in the tube for some reason.
Tuesday, 9 October 2012
Hello my beautiful angels! Today I will be sharing with you the outfit I wore for Uni, today. I am thinking of making a weekly outfits video, with this one included. I have already filmed this outfit. The only problem is that on Monday, I hadn't worn anything but my pyjamas, because I was ill at home. You would have known that if you followed me on twitter!

Anyway, let's talk about what I am actually wearing here. My top is green, with button details and very old from Bershka. Because autumn is finally here, I have added a small, black cardigan from Stradivarius and a lovely, thin scarf that I have no idea where is from. Is this print a Leopard or a Cheetah? I really can't tell and Google isn't helping! My light-wash jeans are a recent purchase from Bershka and a complete bargain for €10! The last items that I am wearing are these white shoes from H&M. By the way, you may be able to see my socks, they're from Primark :)

In case you haven't noticed, this blog has been through a few changes the last week. Firstly I will not be posting new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as I used to. Instead I am going to be blogging twice a week, because of my busy schedule. Tuesday and Friday are the new posting days. Also, have you noticed the new header and favicon? I created both myself and I'm proud!
What do you think about the changes? I am thinking of changing the layout of the blog, background, pages etc, to a simpler design, now that I am learning HTML at University.

That's all for today, and please bare with me when all the blog changes happen! Thank you for reading, bye :)
Wednesday, 3 October 2012
Hello my beautiful readers. How was your day?
For this Wednesday's blog post I shall be sharing some pieces of clothing that I really want to add to my wardrobe. I haven't added them either because I can't find them or they're just too expensive.

A Nude Leather Jacket is something that I have been wanting to buy for a year. I remember being torn between the choice of buying either the black or the nude faux leather jacket from Terranova, last year. I eventually decided to go with the black one and I do not regret my decision, but if I had a nude one too it would be awesome. I still have the image of Elena Gilbert in her nude leather jacket from the second season of The Vampire Diaries.

A Navy Blue Blazer is another clothing item that I want to get for fall / autumn and winter. To be honest, at the moment I don't own a blazer and I believe it would make a great addition to my collection. For some reason I want a navy blue one, I don't know why. However, a nude or ivory coloured jacket would also be good. I believe it's a bit challenging to find the perfect blazer. Some just don't fit right, you know what I mean, don't you?

A Simple Long Cardigan. Now, I know you are going to laugh at me, but I truly don't have a long cardigan , like the one shown in the picture above. I love cardigans and sweaters for this season. It would be awesome if the weather actually got colder. I am sick of my summer clothes.

A pair of Flat Boots is the last clothing item to be mentioned today. Again, you can see that I am actually lacking a lot of basics in my closet. I believe I have two other pairs, a black and a brown, but they have flaws. The brown ones are big for my feet, since my sister has given them to me and the black ones just aren't appropriate for rainy environments. I just want a good pair of everyday, flat boots for the colder months.

Thank you for spending your time on my blog! Do you have any fashion wish lists?
Monday, 1 October 2012
Hello everyone! I hope you have had an amazing weekend. Mine was so busy that I just feel exhausted and I have no energy for Uni tomorrow. I shall talk about that in a minute, but this post is on a recent Primark purchase. You see, my cousins from England came to Cyprus for my niece's christening and my cousin Natalie brought me these two shirts. If you have watched a video of mine on youtube, chances are you've heard me mention the fact that I am babysitting. That baby is my niece which is a 6 month old beautiful girl.

I was so excited when my cousin had given me these shirts, because I have been looking for similar styles of shirts here, but the few ones I found were too expensive. Since Nat forgot to remove the tags I can tell you the prices of them. The black with the ivory ballerinas costs £10.00, whilst the black with the pearls was €15.00. I have no idea why one price is in pounds and the other in euro.

Both of the shirts are a size 12 and fit me quite well. I have been gaining weight after graduation to be honest. Also, they are 100% Polyester and from Atmosphere. I love both of these shirts and I really can't wait for the weather to get colder so I can wear them, even though they're sheer. Seriously, it's 30 degrees Celsius and it's the 1st of October!

Oh, how I miss shopping in Primark! My mum and I go crazy in there! Hopefully I will be going to England in the following year. 

What about you? Do you like shopping in Primark? When was the last time you've been there?

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