Tuesday, 20 November 2012
Hello everyone! Yes, I am still alive and fully aware of the fact that I haven't posted anything for a long time. You can not even begin to understand how busy I have been this month. It's my final month of university for the first semester and I have a billion of assignments, projects, coursework to finish. I think I'm going to blog about my uni project as soon as I finish with my exams in December. Also, I have been having some technical issues with my camera and my computer, hopefully they can get fixed soon.

This Tuesday's blog post is about two new items I bought from Bershka, yesterday. I really wasn't planning to go shopping or anything, but I thought I would check the shop out and I found this gorgeous ring at the counter. It's sort of a cool-toned golden bow and you know that I adore bows. As you can see from the picture below, the ring is made for two fingers and I've never had a ring with a similar concept before. This was under 7 Euro.
The map background is from a uni assignment
Moving on to a not so interesting purchase.
Tuesday, 6 November 2012
Hello everyone! Yes, I've done it again, I have been shopping!
I am a saver when it comes to money, but sometimes I just can't resist!
Everyone is talking about the Real Techniques makeup brushes and I have been wanting to get some for the longest time. I was in between the setting and the stippling brush. Evidently, I decided to go for the setting brush, shown in the picture above (it's a little bit dirty).
First Impression:
First, this brush is smaller than my expectations, but the size turned out to be ideal for its purpose, when I tested it. The bristles are very soft and I haven't noticed any ugly scents that some other brushes may have. As soon as I got the brush, I washed it with baby shampoo and its drying time was okay. I have yet to experience any shedding and I love that.
How I use it: 
I have heard that this brush is great for applying highlighter and setting the under-eye area with powder. I personally have used it with my Mac Select Cover Up Concealer for my eye area, cheeks and chin on a day that I didn't felt like wearing foundation and it was amazing. Also, I set the concealer with a loose powder, using the same brush, with no disappointment. I have tried it with my Pearl Cream Colour Base from Mac and it was fine. Overall I have nothing bad to say, but I have just started using this brush. I paid 16 euro on Amazon and I am glad with my purchase. Now, I want the stippling brush!

Moving on to a very different buy of mine. Last Friday, my sister and I, visited the French Retail store called Carrefour. There I found some great deals, some boots were 50% off and I had to get something!
Friday, 2 November 2012
Hello everyone, I hope your week has been great! Today I uploaded this video on my youtube channel. It is a clothing and cosmetic haul. Products from Gosh and Urban Decay are shown along with clothes and accessories from shops like Primark, Bershka, Terranova and Stradivarius. 

I think I have been doing a lot of shopping and I need to stop. The fact that my university is surrounded by the best shops doesn't help, though. Where have you been shopping lately?
What is shown in the video (briefly)?
A peachy-nude lipgloss, a base coat, a teal kohl pencil and a teal nail varnish from Gosh. The feminine palette from Urban Decay and two shirts from Primark. A pair of tan flats and light blue jeans from Bershka. Also, two dresses, two trousers and a top from Terranova. Lastly, a bow necklace, a taupe top and a black cardigan from Stradivarius. You might notice that some items have been previously featured in a blog post.
I hope you enjoy watching it and please don't forget to follow the blog and subscribe to my youtube channel.
Have a lovely weekend!
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