Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hello everyone. I haven't blogged for a while and I would like to apologise for that. I'm bringing you one more fashion post, today. It's basically an outfit that I wore to university a few days ago. My monochrome american themed cropped top is from Primark, as well as my denim studded shorts. I'm also wearing thin black patterned tights. Lastly, I'm wearing my favourite pink Converse and my most worn black handbag from Bershka. Well, that is all for today. I know I haven't done many beauty posts lately, but do you mind all the fashion posts? Oh, by the way, the photos were taken by Herc, again.

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  1. Cute outfit! xx

  2. LOVE the shorts!

  3. Hello Georgia...

    Really lovely style....Have a nice evening...


  4. lovely outfit!
    i love the shorts!
    You've been tagged to do the "I LOVE FALL" blogpost!
    Check out our blog for the questions!
    xoxo Rose :)


  5. Striking outfit!

  6. kori, we have the exact same name! haha love your style :)

    have you seen my latest posts?


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