Tuesday, 15 July 2014

As I'm enjoying a foot bath, I thought I'd blog about a product that I used today. The Invisible Pores Detox Mask from Ren was featured in a Look Fantastic haul video in February and has been a favourite since the first use. When I read that it was addressed to combination to oily skin, I wasn't sure I'd made the right decision when I purchased it, being a normal to dry kind of gal. Turns out it's perfect for my skin type and I would encourage everyone to try this mask, no matter what type of skin they have.

The consistency of the product is quite thick and has a faint smell of Lavender - as it does include Lavender Oil. I apply a generous amount onto clean and dry skin, avoiding the eye area, as the box suggests. It starts drying up quickly and you are rendered expressionless, without being able to move your mouth, but I don't mind that feeling. Usually, I leave it on my skin for about 15 minutes - until it gets completely dry - and then I rinse it off with warm water. After using it, you should always cover the pump nozzle with the attached mini-cap to prevent the pump blocking.

It's described as a detoxifying clay mask designed to reduce the appearance of pore size and leave the skin purified, smoothed, softened and toned. It draws out impurities and helps reduce the appearance of blackheads. In addition, the skin looks firmer, brighter and clearer, as you can see from my before and and after photos, above. In case you can't tell, the first photo of my face is before using it, with completely bare skin and the second one is my face with the mask on - I never seem to apply an even layer of it. The last one if my face after using the mask, before applying anything else. Personally, I believe there's a lot of difference between the before and after pictures, but maybe it's just because I know how my skin feels as well. I love using it and my skin loves it too. Oddly enough, I believe I've never seen any reviews on this product, or any blogger mentioning it and it's a shame.

After using this clay mask, sometimes I'll go ahead and attack my blackhead and spots. Using this mask beforehand makes it so much easier. Then, I apply my current favourite moisturiser, the Nuxe Crème Fraîche de Beauté Enrichie, which is a 24H soothing and moisturising rich cream.


  1. This sounds really great :) I love the smell of Lavender so I think I'd enjoy this!

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  2. This sounds absolutely wonderful! (And I am super jealous about that foot bath!)

  3. amazing post<3
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  4. Hello Miss Georgia, I've enjoyed reading your blog.. Its My first time knowing about this product and your review is very convincing, how I wish I could also try this product.
    xx Lyra
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