Tuesday, 6 November 2012
Hello everyone! Yes, I've done it again, I have been shopping!
I am a saver when it comes to money, but sometimes I just can't resist!
Everyone is talking about the Real Techniques makeup brushes and I have been wanting to get some for the longest time. I was in between the setting and the stippling brush. Evidently, I decided to go for the setting brush, shown in the picture above (it's a little bit dirty).
First Impression:
First, this brush is smaller than my expectations, but the size turned out to be ideal for its purpose, when I tested it. The bristles are very soft and I haven't noticed any ugly scents that some other brushes may have. As soon as I got the brush, I washed it with baby shampoo and its drying time was okay. I have yet to experience any shedding and I love that.
How I use it: 
I have heard that this brush is great for applying highlighter and setting the under-eye area with powder. I personally have used it with my Mac Select Cover Up Concealer for my eye area, cheeks and chin on a day that I didn't felt like wearing foundation and it was amazing. Also, I set the concealer with a loose powder, using the same brush, with no disappointment. I have tried it with my Pearl Cream Colour Base from Mac and it was fine. Overall I have nothing bad to say, but I have just started using this brush. I paid 16 euro on Amazon and I am glad with my purchase. Now, I want the stippling brush!

Moving on to a very different buy of mine. Last Friday, my sister and I, visited the French Retail store called Carrefour. There I found some great deals, some boots were 50% off and I had to get something!
I was wasn't sure what boots to get, there were some nice flat ones, similar to the ones I've shown in my Autumn Clothing wish-list post. Eventually, I got this black pair of booties that have a little bit of a wedge, thus giving me some extra height, that I sincerely need. I got them in a size 38 (EU Size) and for under 15 euro, on sale.
I have yet to wear them out, but you will see them in an outfit of the day or night post, soon. I'm just waiting for the weather to realise it's November and not Summer.

So, thank you for reading my post. Have a lovely month of November and don't forget to follow the blog, twitter or facebook and my youtube channel! 


  1. I would love to try a Real Techniques make-up brush! But I don't have the money right now! You should try Sigma brushes, they are great!



    1. The majority of my make-up brushes are Sigma! I love them too :)

  2. Those boots are so great I've been looking for similar ones everywhere! Thanks for the post about the brushes. It's so hard to find good ones as there are about a million out there!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you liked my post :)

  3. Oh the boots, oh the boots, I love a lace-up wedge, I wish I had money to blow on shoes!

  4. Would love to try real rechniques brushes !

    xx Liyana

    PS : I'm having a MAC giveaway on my blog to celebrate my first month of blogging


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