Tuesday, 20 November 2012
Hello everyone! Yes, I am still alive and fully aware of the fact that I haven't posted anything for a long time. You can not even begin to understand how busy I have been this month. It's my final month of university for the first semester and I have a billion of assignments, projects, coursework to finish. I think I'm going to blog about my uni project as soon as I finish with my exams in December. Also, I have been having some technical issues with my camera and my computer, hopefully they can get fixed soon.

This Tuesday's blog post is about two new items I bought from Bershka, yesterday. I really wasn't planning to go shopping or anything, but I thought I would check the shop out and I found this gorgeous ring at the counter. It's sort of a cool-toned golden bow and you know that I adore bows. As you can see from the picture below, the ring is made for two fingers and I've never had a ring with a similar concept before. This was under 7 Euro.
The map background is from a uni assignment
Moving on to a not so interesting purchase.
I got this navy blue, v-neck cardigan with buttons for 13 Euro. I went for a medium size and I think it's fine on me. It has some detailing on the sleeve, but you can't see that in the photo.
I believe that is all for today! I hope you'll have an amazing rest of the week and I shall talk to your pretty faces on Friday! Goodnight!


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