Monday, 15 December 2014

Well hello there, you probably don't remember me, because I haven't blogged for more than two months. It actually feels odd to be sitting here about to share moments of my life on the internet, but hopefully I can get back to blogging regularly. If you are interested in knowing what was up with me during these past two months, then I would do a post on it.

Let's talk about something more exciting, shall we? A week ago, was the day of my first proper filming experience with actual actors. It was such an exciting yet stressful experience, because I had an important responsibility. I was responsible for filming the majority of the shots for our short film, and my hands were shaking with anxiety, but I believe it all turned out fine.

For our Cinematic Production course at uni, we were asked to split into groups, choose one of the scripts we had already written, and create a short film as our final project. Of course, I was in the best team, with my friends and we had a blast. We choose Irene's script and modified it just a bit. Then somehow, one of our team members knew two very famous Cypriot actresses, perfect for the parts. The script was about a mother and a daughter and the actresses are just that. We were very fortunate.

On the actual filming day, three members of the team, including myself, had to drive to Nicosia, because that's where we were shooting. It was a lovely, little, traditional house, ideal for the film. We simply stopped at the nearest bakery and bought tons of snacks and then we were ready for action. Well, by action I mean testing every single shot before the actual actresses came. We had about three hours for that and we managed to figure out almost everything.

When the actresses arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely and fun they were. We started shooting immediately, Irene was making sure we were following the script, Herc was giving directions while holding lights and shooting a couple of scenes, but I shot the majority of them. Everything was handheld and we were shooting with two DSLRs. The other two members of the team were responsible for props, organisation and backstage footage, from which I took the snapshots above. However, I took the first photo, after we had finished shooting and we were just having a laugh.

We ended up having a lot of trouble in the editing part, because the actresses, changed the script and made some decisions we didn't agree with, even though they were professional and talented. Nonetheless, it's all history right now, as I've just finished exporting the final video. Hopefully, our professor will like it and appreciate our hard work. Maybe some time in the future we will upload the film on the internet and I will blog about it again.

It was an incredible experience and even though we had a few technical issues and some disagreement with the actresses, I would go through with it in a heartbeat. I literally can't wait to be a part of another short film.

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