Tuesday, 30 April 2013
Hello everyone. I hope April has been a great month for all of you! Since May is almost here and the weather is getting a lot warmer, I've decided to share with you one of my favourite lipsticks for this season. I am talking about Costa Chic from Mac. This lipstick was my go-to lipstick for summer 2012 and I predict it's going to be one that won't be leaving my lips from now on.

In the picture above, on the upper left hand-side, you can see my natural and bare (+ugly) lips. The other 3 photos show my lips with the same amount of lipstick, just in different lighting situations. No lip balm, no lip-gloss, just Costa Chic on my lips. You'll have to excuse the not so glamorous appearance of my lips, they're not properly moisturised nor exfoliated. This product, being a member of the Frost category of Mac lipsticks, isn't as drying as a Satin, but still it isn't the most moisturising one, either. When first applied it feels moisturising but after 3-4 hours of wear it starts to get a tiny bit drying and will sort of stain the lips, thus being less likely to transfer. There is no need to re-apply, just apply some lip balm and you're good. The colour doesn't fade easily, and the lip balm will get rid of the dryness.

In convolution, this beautifully vibrant pinky coral lipstick called Costa Chic from Mac is long-wearing. I find that the colour looks great on my skin-tone and it should definitely suit fair people. My sister tried it on herself and being slightly darker than me, the lipstick didn't look as vibrant as on me. It looked more natural on her lips. In addition, even though it's a frost, it doesn't look shimmery.

(I'm really proud of the photos I took for this blog post. Do you like them? I'm thinking of blogging about some photographs that aren't beauty related, or create a photography blog. What do you think I should do?)

Thank you so much for reading my blog! I hope you've enjoyed your time here. :)
Have you tried Costa Chic?


  1. you are such a temptation

  2. We love this shade, we definitely need to check it out. by the way, your lips are far from ugly!!


  3. Wow this shade looks so pretty! Followed your blog i love it :)


  4. Great post and your photos are amazing! I think I'm going to pick up Costa Chic this weekend!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  5. Thanks for showing this lipstick in different lighting. It helped me decide to buy this one shade. :)


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