Tuesday, 23 April 2013
Hello everyone! Yes, I've gone back to my old blogging days. What I mean is that due to reaching the end of my first year at university, I am going to be posting on the blog twice a week, again. On Tuesday and Friday, and if that works out I might even blog like last summer, three times a week. But it's early to tell, so let's hope it all works out.

Now, let's move on to today's blog post which is a haul. Me? Shopping? I know that must be a big surprise to mankind! Okay, let's be serious. I went into Topshop just for a browse and I had no intentions of buying anything. Usually, I don't buy from Topshop, since I find it overpriced. But that is not the case when they have sales, and yes the things I got where on sale. 
After having a thorough look at the jewellery they had there, I was able to spot a very interesting pair of earrings. They're the ones shown in the photo above. As you can see they are gold with a pearl stud and have a chain that holds a triangle with some carved detailing. I absolutely fell in love with them, when I saw them. In addition, I feel like this pair of earrings describes my personality somehow. I love pearls as I like being classy and elegant, but the triangles bring an edgier look to the jewel, as I like being edgy with my appearance. I hope I was able to make some sense, if not then forgive me. I haven't told you the best part about this purchase. From 12€ it went down to 3€!

The background for the earrings is the other item I bought. A pastel mint coloured neppy tee, with rolled up sleeves. As you can see from the picture below, it's higher in front and lower at the back and I love tops like that. It's a bit transparent, so I might wear a vest top underneath. Even though I bought the t-shirt in a 36 (Eur), 4 (Us) or 8 (Uk) size, it feels quite large, but I like it. One more thing I would like to add is that this fabric feels very soft and I can't wait to wear this top. Also, it was 50% off and from 22 I paid only 11€.
The background here is an old painting of mine.
So, that is the end of my Topshop Haul blog post. I hope you've enjoyed it and I'm thinking of filming a collective haul featuring these items on my youtube channel, but for the time being I have to edit my spring lookbook  video. Have a lovely week everyone and happy name-day to me, as my name is Georgia. 

What have you being buying from Topshop lately?


  1. Lovely items and what bargains!

    I recently purchased a black draped dress from the sale. Was £40 reduce to £20. BOOM!




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