Sunday, 5 May 2013
Hello everyone! Yes, I know today is Sunday and I've stopped blogging on Sundays, but I've decided that I will be throwing some surprise posts here and there. I've noticed that many blogs have their own buttons and some of them swap them with other bloggers and I wanted to be a part of that. So, after 2 days of Photoshop and Illustrator frustration, I came up with something very simple and relevant to my blog as my button. I'm not sure whether I'll like it in a week, but it'll do for now. I have two sizes available. 200x100 and 250x130. Do you like them?
As I've said, the reason I made them was to swap with other bloggers, so if you're interested just let me know with a comment or an e-mail. I would love to feature your button on the right side of my blog. It's free and for everyone, for a month. If I feature your blog button, you must feature mine. Also, I think I'm going to be having only 5 buttons each month. In addition, I ask you to follow my blog with Bloglovin'. So, let's swap our buttons!
(Btw, Happy Easter to all Christian Orthodoxs!)


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