Friday, 10 July 2015

Yesterday, I was introduced to a lovely online store, Aisle Style (check out their facebook page too). It is an affordable store with great variety and elegant styles of Wedding, Bridesmaid, Evening Dresses and Accessories. The website is really easy to navigate and use, with great filtering options so you can find exactly what you are looking for, for any occasion. Since I'm not planning to get married any time soon, I'll be doing a wishlist of my favourite Bridesmaid and Evening Dresses.

Simple A-line One Shoulder Ruching Short/Mini Chiffon Evening Dress
This simple and elegant short dress is absolutely lovely for a variety of different occasions. The red colour makes it seductive in my eyes for some reason. It's something I could definitely wear to a fancy date. But in case red isn't your colour, there are plenty of other colours to choose from.

Charming A-line Spaghetti Straps Ruching Floor-length Chiffon Evening Dress
This one is simply glorious. It looks so regal and elegant and I would love to own it. The rich forest green colour also adds to the feeling that the dress gives me.

Charming A-line Off-the-shoulder Ruching Floor-length Chiffon Evening Dress
Another elegant piece of clothing that resembles something a Greek goddess would wear. The pale colour makes it seem more subtle and pure.

Charming A-line Sweetheart Crystal Detailing Lace Ruching Floor-length Chiffon Evening Dress
This one is the most extravagant and special dress. The blush pink colour is beautiful and the crystals are lovely.

Natural A-line Jewel Chiffon Zipper Bridesmaid Dress
This one is the cutest one, don't you agree? It's so lovely and versatile.

Satin A-line Zipper Floor-length V-neck Bridesmaid Dress
I can't write this post without mentioning this gorgeous dress. It's got lace and a belt with a bow, what more could I ask for?

Floor-length Chiffon A-line Natural Zipper Bridesmaid Dresses
I feel like this one is most appropriate for summer, the mint colour, the chiffon, the loose skirt.

Chiffon Sleeveless A-line Natural One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses
But then again, this lovely one shoulder dress is short, so it's even better for the warm weather.
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  1. Everything looks amazing. I'm going to tell my girlfriend about this. She's going to love it! :)


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