Monday, 13 August 2012
This is the first Gosh Lipstick I have ever purchased and because I was so impressed with the quality of it a few weeks after buying this one I bought the "Dangerous 149" on which I also have a blog post.  

I initially bought this lipstick as a gift to my best friend for her birthday with a couple of other things, that I have filmed a video on and will be posted this Wednesday. When I swatched it on my hand at Debenhams I really liked the colour pay off, so I decided to get one for me. My best friend tells me that this lipstick is definitely her favourite. She is a bit more tan than what I am and it suits her well.

In the first picture on top I have nothing on my lips. The rest of the pictures are with the same amount of the lipstick, just in different lighting. I have no lip balm, no lip-gloss on and I haven't exfoliated my lips. As you might have noticed, I think this particular colour on my skin-tone makes my teeth a bit more yellow than usual, but maybe that's just me. This creamy lipstick is the perfect "your lips but better" colour. It's a bit more darker in person than in this picture.


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