Wednesday, 15 August 2012
Recently, my sister bought this Mac lipstick and to be honest when I first glanced at it, it didn't really excite me. It's a very natural colour and I am usually attracted to brighter lipsticks. As soon as I tried it on my lips though, I knew this guy deserved a review, because I haven't heard many people mentioning this lipstick. This colour is so versatile, that the possibilities are endless! It can be appropriate for school and work when used with a lip balm for a more sheer effect, because this lipstick and all the Satins that I have tried are very pigmented. Or you could top it off with a bright lip gloss for a party night.

In the first picture, on the top left, my lips are completely bare and on the other three I have the same amount of lipstick, just in different lighting. I am aware of the fact that my lips look horrible. I haven't applied lip balm and I haven't exfoliated my lips in a while. This is the beauty of a Satin Finish Lipstick. It sort of emphasises your lips flaws, since it's not really the most moisturising lipstick family. But no need to worry, just apply some lip balm and/or lip gloss and it should be fine. Also exfoliating your lips with a good exfoliant or some sugar with water is an incredible way to get soft and healthy looking lips.

In my opinion, this lipstick's colour is amazing! I absolutely love it and I think it's perfect for any makeup look, any age, any time. It's the winner in the colour category "Your lips but better".  Depending on where you live, this product can be found on the Mac Website, or at retail stores/department stores for $15 in the USA, for £14 in the UK and for the rest of  Europe it costs 18 EUR.
Thank you for spending your time on my blog and I hope you enjoyed this review. Do you own this lipstick? Do you like it?


  1. Gorgeous colour!

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  2. Great post, the colour looks like a great neutral , can't wait for more posts will be checking back really soon

    I would love you to check out my new Youtube channel, I post videos about the clothing designs i have been doing, Would love to see you there.. xxx

    1. Thank you so much!
      I will check out your channel! :)


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