Monday, 27 August 2012
So, I've had a very tiring day! How about you? How was your day?
Oh, sorry! I forgot to welcome you to my blog! How rude of me, but the lack of sleep is really making my head spin right now, as I am writing this post. I really hope your day was better than mine. I went to uni to get my schedule and it was a horrible mess...

Anyway, enough drama. Hello everyone! Despite the long hours of stress at Uni I also did some shopping! Yay :) Firstly I went to a shop that basically sells everything, has low prices, but quality isn't always the best, called Jumbo. I believe it's a Greek shop and I bought some uni supplies. Notebooks and pens mainly.

After that I spend some time at Debenhams. Such a lovely place! I bought a Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in "Kitten Pink" which is so pretty! You know I'm in love with those lipsticks! Also, a Korres Watermelon Body Scrub and the O.P.I Nail Lacquer "Into The Night", which is basically a midnight blue, with some purple undertones. I believe this is the first time I buy anything from Korres and I have been interested in trying the brand out. Also, it's Greek and  guess who else is Greek? Yes, you've figure it out! I am! Call me a patriot, I want to support Greece.

In addition to my Debenhams buys, I got this gorgeous pink top which is London themed. I absolutely love anything English/British so this was love at first sight!

Here we have the pretty Gosh Lipstick! A proper review on this one is coming.

This one cost 7.90 EUR.

This is the price of the London Tee. Great Sale Debenhams!

And here we have the Korres Scrub.  A proper review on this one is also coming.

The scrub was 11 EUR.

And the last thing is the O.P.I nail varnish, which I forgot to include in the pictures above. I will be making a blog post on this one too. I believe I paid 11 EUR, but it could have more than that. Left picture was taken with flash whilst, the right one was under the room's normal lamp.

Et voilĂ  the end of my little haul! Hope you enjoyed!
 Love ya! Kisses, Gina :)


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