Friday, 24 August 2012
  Hey guys and girls of my blog! For this Friday's blog post I am going to share with you a recent clothing and accessories haul from Marks & Spencer. There was a crazy sale at the store and I was able to find some great pieces for my closet.

 What did I get?
A lovely pair of long earnings that stole my heart at first sight, a big pair of boots that will be my companion for the cold and rainy days to come and a pair of high waisted denim trousers. In addition, I purchased two tops. An everyday English themed one and a more classy casual, black and ivory one. Also, I bought a pair of everyday, casual shorts with stripes and a lovely black dress with a star pattern on it.
  Here take a closer look! I hope you enjoy! :)

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FTC: This is not a sponsored video, obviously.

Thank you for spending your time on my blog. Have a lovely weekend.
Love ya, Gina!


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