Friday, 12 October 2012
Hello my beautiful angles! I've missed you! You have no idea how much studying I have been doing, and frankly I am beginning to question whether I should be in Uni in the first place. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be fine after my mid-term exams.

For this Friday's blog post I shall be talking about my first lipstick from Mac, which is Myth. Well, I wouldn't call this product a favourite of mine. I don't think it looks good on pale people like me. It really depends on how it's applied. One day it can look great and the next it could be completely unflattering.
I remember the day I bought this product, it was two years ago. I was so tired and I just went into the Mac store and I asked for a nude lipstick. Everyone was following the nude lip trend and I wanted to try it. The lady swatched quite a few shades on her hand, and there was one that I liked. She cleaned it and gave it to me to test it. For some odd reason, I liked it on my lips at the store, I believe the lighting had something to do with that, considering it was twilight. So I paid 17€ for this and imagine my disappointment when I got home and tried it again. I though it looked horrible, like a dead, or ill person. Maybe the girl had given me the wrong colour. I guess we will never now. By the way the colour looks darker in the tube for some reason.

Here you can admire this beautiful colour on my lips. Sarcasm! As always the first picture on the left shows my natural lips. If it isn't enough this colour looks so bad on my skin-tone, it's a satin finish. Do you know what that means? Dry and dry lips. There is no way I could ever go out wearing only this on my lips. If I want this lipstick to look good, I must have recently exfoliated my lips, applied lip balm underneath and top it off with a colourful gloss. I once tried this as an under-eye concealer due to it's colour and it was okay. Maybe I should try that again sometime. In addition, I have used this to add dimension to my lips in my last makeup tutorial.

I believe this is all I want to say on this lipstick at the moment. Thank you for reading and I hope you'll have a lovely weekend. Bye-bye, Gina :)

P.S. What do you think of the new blog layout/design?


  1. I love myth ! Def. One of my fav. Nude lipsticks from mac .

    Xx Liyana


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