Tuesday, 16 October 2012
Hello everyone! How are you? Today I had my multimedia midterm exam and after that I decided to treat myself with a little shopping spree. So now I have a haul for you!

This item is so amazingly adorable! I absolutely love it! It's from Stradivarius and around 8€. Also, I purchased a black cardigan similar to the one I showed in my clothing wishlist which was 16€ and Medium sized. The last item I got from Stradivarius was a taupe, loose top which was 13€. Initially I picked up the Medium sized one, but it was enormous! So I bought the Small one. Moving on to Terranova. I bough this top that has a leopard or cheetah print, I really can't tell which is which! The top costed me 8€ and I also bought a teal pair of trousers. They're so soft that they feel like leggings, but a lot thicker. These were 16€ and both clothing items are a size small. I think I am going to get another pair of those trousers in a different colour and probably a medium size.

I am very pleased with the stuff I bought! I am thinking of filming a collective haul, since I have been making small purchases so often. What have you bought recently? Do you like any of the items shown?

Thank you for reading. I shall talk to you on Friday :)


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