Saturday, 27 October 2012

Good morning everyone! I hope your day started better than mine, because my sister woke me up telling me that she heard noise and someone was in the house. We never found who it was, I'm not even sure that there was someone to find. Anyway, you don't care about that, you are here for this palette review. Also, I am sorry guys for posting this on Saturday and not Friday, but I was so tired yesterday. So, for this Saturday's blog post I am going to be talking about The Bare Palette from Sigma Beauty.

I bought this palette a year ago, around the time when they launch it along with the Dare Palette and the Flare Palette. I don't own the other palettes, but they could be a great addition to my collection at some point. I decided to go for Bare because I was lacking some basic, neutral shades for everyday and of course the double ended brush was an amazing bonus! I do not regret buying this palette and I have been using it a lot more than what I expected. Each time I am doing my makeup and I don't know what to use on my eyes I go for this product. You can create very dark and gothic looks, but also very neutral and natural eyeshadow combinations.

The packaging:
I am not the biggest fan of the packaging, though. I find it to be a bit heavy, bulky and the material feels quite cheap. It's not a product that can be easily held with one hand. It also has a mirror, which I find unnecessary and it only adds weight. I am aware that Sigma has changed the packaging, but I have the old version. Here you can see the new packaging, that I believe to be smaller and lighter. It's not an affiliate link or anything. In addition, this palette gets dirty so easily, but I don't mind that. If you are someone that wants their palettes incredibly clean and brand new looking, you might not like this item.

The Colours:
The colours are amazing for my pale skin-tone. They're not warm like the Naked Palette from Urban Decay, which has a lot of shimmery shades, and can look a bit artificial, not naked. As you can see from the swatches they are pigmented. I haven't used any primer, the shadows are swatched on bare skin. It's not a heavy swatch, I only touched the shadows once. I apologise for forgetting to swatch the Command shadow.
In this palette you get eight eyeshadows.
Shine: A gorgeous black with countless silver glittery particles.
Control: A great matte black, similar, to Carbon by Mac.
Snoop: A lovely matte, warmish grey, with purple undertones. 
Hitch: A neutral, almost cool toned deep brown matte shadow, that I love using for filling in my eyebrows.
Act: A light, warm brown that has a warm golden touch, with some gold shimmer.
Command: A shimmery, beautiful true and rich gold.
Elope: One of the reason I purchased this palette is for this gorgeous, matte nude colour.
Approach: An amazing nude, warmer than Elope with hints of shimmer.
The quality feels very good. When you touch them they feel so soft and I haven't had any issues with any of them. I have a couple of makeup tutorials in which I am using this palette and I will link them at the end of this post.

The Brushes:
Let's move on to the double ended brush that you get with the palette. You get the E30 which is a pencil brush, great for working dark shadows in the crease, lower lash-line and highlighting the tear-duct. Also, you get the E25, one of my favourite brushes ever. With this brush you can do some many things. It's mostly used for blending. I love it for blending out my concealer, blending out my eyeshadows. You can do your entire eyeshadow application with this two brushes, and I don't really feel I need more brushes to complete my look. 
My videos with the Bare Palette:

I would recommend this palette to anyone who's missing some neutral shades. Do you have this palette? Do you like it?
Thank you for reading my blog. Have an amazing weekend!


  1. This pallet reminds me of the naked just less colors
    check out my blog we could follow each other


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