Monday, 1 October 2012
Hello everyone! I hope you have had an amazing weekend. Mine was so busy that I just feel exhausted and I have no energy for Uni tomorrow. I shall talk about that in a minute, but this post is on a recent Primark purchase. You see, my cousins from England came to Cyprus for my niece's christening and my cousin Natalie brought me these two shirts. If you have watched a video of mine on youtube, chances are you've heard me mention the fact that I am babysitting. That baby is my niece which is a 6 month old beautiful girl.

I was so excited when my cousin had given me these shirts, because I have been looking for similar styles of shirts here, but the few ones I found were too expensive. Since Nat forgot to remove the tags I can tell you the prices of them. The black with the ivory ballerinas costs £10.00, whilst the black with the pearls was €15.00. I have no idea why one price is in pounds and the other in euro.

Both of the shirts are a size 12 and fit me quite well. I have been gaining weight after graduation to be honest. Also, they are 100% Polyester and from Atmosphere. I love both of these shirts and I really can't wait for the weather to get colder so I can wear them, even though they're sheer. Seriously, it's 30 degrees Celsius and it's the 1st of October!

Oh, how I miss shopping in Primark! My mum and I go crazy in there! Hopefully I will be going to England in the following year. 

What about you? Do you like shopping in Primark? When was the last time you've been there?


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