Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Today I am sharing with you this nail design I did yesterday. I'm in a polka dots mood lately so I wanted to do a nail design using them. I am in love with my nails now! Even though they might look a bit Easter related. In the picture above, you see my right hand which has Seche Vite as top coat and it doesn't make the dots blend with the polish as the other I used on my left hand.

Here is my left hand. Here I used Sally Hansen Double Duty and I have to say I like the way it made the dots blend with the base colour. Of course it isn't as fast drying as Seche Vite, but I think it is shiny enough.

Here we have all the products I used for this nail art. Base coat Sally Hansen Double Duty and I have to say I am really not that impressed with it since my entire polish chipped as I was having a shower today. Don't worry I fixed it! Moving on to base colour which was Fancy Fuchsia from Orly. I love this colour! It's a blue based, hot pink shade. I applied two coats, since the first coat looked horrible. Surprisingly though the colour looked awesome with the second coat. Now to the fun part! The polka dots were created using a dotting tool from eBay and two different nail polishes. O.P.I's Alpine Snow and this random Claire's polish I found, that doesn't have a name.
Overall, I really like my nails and I hope they'll last a week. Do you like it? Would you like a video tutorial on this design? Have a lovely day/night! Love ya! Bye :)


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