Wednesday, 30 December 2015

This year has had its ups and downs in all aspects of my life and that is also evident in my art journey.  This has probably been the year in which I drew the most, even though I had occasions where I would not draw for weeks. I started focusing on my art skills in the summer of 2014 and I have improved dramatically since then. You will be able to see the difference from my 2014 sketchbooks which I will share with you soon on my youtube channel.

Personally, I believe I have improved in 2015, probably not as much as I would have like to, though. It was the year I tried new art supplies, experimented with different styles, studied life and other illustrators and worked on digital art like never before.

I have decided to share one drawing or sketch from each month to depict the evolution of my art. If you follow my Instagram, Tumblr or Deviantart then you might have seen some of them.

January's is a watercolour and ink drawing from my imagination. For February I have my entry to the Robomance Challenge of the month by the youtube artist Jazza. March's digital painting was a study of a real person's face. It was a month that I really wasn't drawing much, as was April, for which I have a traditional ink drawing. May was also a slow month, and I have chosen a simple sketch from a real life person I had seen at the bus stop. June was the month I started drawing more, focusing on figure drawings, hence the nude watercolour lady. July is another entry for Jazza's challenge of the month, where we had to depict the emotion of fear. I have a speed-paint video for it on my youtube channel. August's drawing is an ink sketch from my imagination. September has a small watercolour painting of a lady enjoying the remaining days of summer. For October I was really trying to do an ink drawing everyday for Inktober and this one was my favourite out of all. November was definitely a very art-empty month, for which I had about 3 drawings and I've chosen this watercolour one. Lastly December was a digital drawing, again for Jazza's challenge of the month, in which the theme was Epic Santa. I have filmed the inking part for this drawing and posted it on my youtube channel a few days ago.



  1. You are so so talented. Your work is absolutely beautiful. Each piece is emotive and special. <3

  2. Nice drawings :)
    Maria V.


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