Saturday, 12 December 2015

I feel like I haven't posted something fashion related for so long! Well, it's because it's been ages since my last post, which was in the summer!

It's exam season at uni and I feel like I have to become a million pieces in order to get everything done in time. I don't only have to worry about university exams, projects and presentations, but I've also really neglected this blog and I am pushing myself to create relevant, interesting and frequent content. Truth be told, this blog will be the only thing I'll have to focus on after graduating.
Let's talk about the clothes, though. This isn't a particularly interesting outfit. I wore it yesterday, when I met with a friend at Starbucks for a uni project. My magenta, fluffy and super soft jumper is from Marks & Spencer. My grey coat and blue jeans are Primark. The blue and brown backpack, that has a lovely white heart print, is from Springfield at Debenhams. Lastly, a few days ago my mum decided to give me this great brown pair of ankle boots that she had purchased from Carrefour.


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  1. Now, I scrolled trough your blog and I am amazed by the style of your photos, I really like them!
    Also, I love this look, and I think that that jumper is my favorite. It's so beautiful!
    I think this blog is going to my list :)


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