Sunday, 13 December 2015

Another fashion post today. I definetely have a weakness when it comes to fashion, and this post proves it. A couple of weeks ago, Farefetch introduced me to this amazing competition, in which you had to create a fashion forward look using a Dolce and Gabbana items from their website. The look should also include a Sicily bag and be true to the brand's italian style. The winner would get a mini Miss Sicily bag.

I struggled to minimise my choices and I was finally able to narrow it down to two fashion looks. I believe you can tell which one of the two is my first choice - I'll give you a hint, it's not the left one.

So let's talk about my number one look first. It consist of a stunning rose print Brocade sweatshirt and a floral stitched, white skirt to balance the look. Since it is winter, I decided to include the short, red, double breasted peacoat. The rose printed pumps are also a statement piece for this look and they tie the whole look together. Lastly, I picked the small, black 'Sicily' tote that also has floral details. I absolutely love this look, it's also ideal for the festive season. For some people it might be a little too much, because it has print, colour and texture, but personally I love mixing up such elements.

The runner-up look is definitely more girly and subtle, but it still consists of statement pieces. I'm in love with the daisy applique shorts and the bright yellow 'Sicily' tote. I think they're a perfect match. In addition, I added a monochrome, flower print blouse, tweed Mary Jane pumps and a cameo necklace.



  1. Amazing picks! That yellow bag? Beyond stunning. I just love that vibrant colour.

  2. I thought that it was one on the right :)
    I love that coat and Sicily bag is just gorgeous!
    i love these looks, but I love one on the right liiiittle bit more :)

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