Sunday, 6 January 2013
Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2013 will be bring happiness and health for you and your loved ones!
I had a few ideas for today's blog post and I couldn't decide what to do. First post of the year should be something good and informative, don't you think?
I finally came to the decision that something like 2012 Favourites would be a great post. After all, I haven't done many favourites posts. So, I am writing this blog post with a cup of warm tea and with the relaxing sound of the rain landing on my roof. Ah, so romantic...Um, yeah, I've lost my mind...I need to watch Pride and Prejudice again!

Okay, are you still with me? The products/items I've decided to share with you tonight are what I consider to be the ones I had been using the most in 2012. Let's begin!
Favourite Concealer: Select Cover Up from Mac in NW20, is a product that has been featured previously. I found myself completely skipping foundation during the summer and all I used was this little fella on the areas that needed some kind of coverage. I haven't used foundation since then, but my skin doesn't have a lot of blemishes. It's average teenage, sensitive skin. I wouldn't recommend using this without setting with powder on the under eye area, simply because it will crease. The coverage of it is quite light and the consistency is a bit watery, so if you are trying to make blemishes completely vanish, this isn't something for you. I like it because it's not heavy and you need a very small amount, it will last ages!
Favourite Powder: The LR Colours Loose Powder has be in my makeup collection for many years. As I've said the concealer needs to be set and the powder adds some more coverage to the skin. Although, this powder is my favourite, I have been wanting to get a pressed powder because this one can get your vanity a little bit dusty. Do you have any recommendations?
Favourite Eye Product: This one has to be Bare Study Paint Pot from Mac, without a doubt! Every time I have no idea what to do with my makeup, or I have very little time to get ready, somehow, I always use this product. The colour is an amazing, warm champagne with tons of tiny shimmery particles that instantly makes the eyes seem awake. It blends like a dream and I find that it can be worn completely on its own, on my normal to dry skin, without creasing.
Favourite Palette: Bare Eye Shadow Palette from Sigma. This shouldn't be a surprise to someone who follows my blog. I have filmed two makeup tutorials on my youtube account (link here) and I've posted a full review on the blog (link here). The shades in this palette are simply perfect for any look, you can go from the simplest everyday look to a very dramatic one. Also, the double ended brush included is a must have.
Favourite Mascara: Gosh Serious Volume Mascara, oh what a surprise! I have been using this mascara for such a long time, from the summer, and I think it's great. I have blogged about this one too (link here). 
Favourite Tool: For some incredibly odd reason I thought I should add my eyelash curler in the list. Well, I didn't really used to curl my lashes before and now I can't wear mascara without curling them.
Favourite Eyebrow Product: The LR Deluxe Perfect Brow Styler, number 2, Dark Liquid, which is a dark tinted brow gel. It's not the best of the best, but it's the only one I own.
Favourite Cheek Product: Their is no blush or bronzer included here, simply because they're things I've mostly skipped throughout the year. Do not fear though, for I have a highlighter to show you! Mac's Cream Colour Base in Pearl. Another unexpected surprise, right? I believe I've worn this 80% of the times I wear makeup, even without anything else on my cheeks. My skin tends to look a little bit dull and products like this are essential! 
Favourite Lipstick: The winner in this category are all of the Gosh lipsticks that I discovered this year. It all started with 122 Nougat and then true love came with 149 Dangerous, which is my favourite shade of the year. Even though it's a very pigmented, vibrant red it can be so wearable, if it's applied lightly (link here). The last Gosh lipstick I got this year was 150 Kitten Pink. All 3 have their own blog post.
Favourite Brushes: It's a tie here between the Setting Brush from Real Techniques and the Sigma double ended brush that has E30 and E25. The first one is a fairly recent purchase featured in a previous blog post. This guy is perfect for anything really! You can finish all of your makeup without using any other brush. I love it for applying Select Cover Up and for setting with my loose powder. It's so small, yet so practical. The second, is something that can also do your makeup from start to finish. (Well, at least the way I do mine.) E25 was used for my concealer and setting powder before the Setting brush. With the E30 and E25 combination you don't need any other eye makeup brush, trust me. I've done it so many times.
Excuse the "for" instead of "of" please.
I have been loving the LR Skin Refining Face Scrub for many years. It's absolutely perfect for my skin, not too harsh not too soft. After it I apply my Aloe Vera Day Cream from LR which I have shown previously, but it's not shown in the pictures above. Lastly I would like to mention a great gift my best friend had given me for my birthday in August. The Greenland Skin Kit in Coconut. I have been wanting to review this kit for a while and I shall at some point. It includes a lip balm, a hand cream and a body butter. I have nothing bad to say about it. It's always next to my bed, because I use it after I shower, before going to bed.
Statement rings have won my heart this year and you can see two of my most worn in 2012, both featured in haul posts. One from Tally Weijl and the bow from Bershka. Both are gold as I seem to have found my love for gold jewellery this year. Moving on to two of my most worn necklaces. The bow from Stradivarius that you've seen before and it's quite recent and the Superman logo, which is a year old from Accessories.
Oh, wait a minute! I have mentioned a nail varnish. How is that possible? How can I not mention 546 Rainbow from Gosh which is a very stunning product that goes with anything! This must be the polish I've worn more in 2012. Let's finish the incredibly long and tiring post with my contact lenses. Yes, that's right! If there is something I've mostly worn in 2012 it's contacts! I use the daily ones, that are for a single use only as I find them more convenient. 

Oh my God! This blog post is actually finished. My fingers hurt from typing, my eyes hurt from looking at the computer's screen, I have a headache and I'm very sleepy. Yes, I'm a bit grumpy, I am aware. So goodnight people! Thank you so much for reading my nonsense and I shall talk to you next Sunday and I might be able to finally upload something on my youtube channel. I'm sorry it's been two months.

What are your 2012 Most Worn Products?


  1. I LOVE the MAC select concealer! I wish they did a liger shade since all their shades are too dark for me, but I mix mine with a little foundation to lighten it :)

    1. Yes, I find that the shade I have is a bit dark for me too. I never thought of mixing it with foundation! Thank you :)

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