Sunday, 30 December 2012
Hello everyone! I'm sorry this post gets published on Sunday instead of Saturday, but I was very ill yesterday. Even though I'm not feeling that good, I've managed to get this post ready. It's my last blog post of 2012!
Today I'm sharing a couple of new items that I have received as gifts! My best friend recently came back from England for the holidays and when we met on Thursday she gave me some things from Primark. First thing I saw when I opened my present was a cream coloured, see-through Atmosphere shirt. It is high-low in length and 100% Polyester. Also, it has a black collar and buttons. This 12 sized loose shirt is an absolute favourite of mine that can be dressed up or down.

Moving on to an even more exciting piece of clothing. A black top with a sweetheart neckline that meets a sheer black fabric on the shoulders. In addition, it has tiny, circular, silver studs and you should all know that I adore studs (I have a stud tutorial in mind)! It emphasises the waist with the fabric flowing away from it. Do you know what this is called? Oh wait a minute! It's called peplum! I've seen many tops and dresses with this trend, but I wasn't sure it would suit me. Turns out my fears were wrong. Like the previous shirt it is a size 12, but this one could've looked better on me if it'd been a smaller size.

The last item from my friend is a statement ring. Surely, you must be aware of my weakness to statement rings. Rings must be my favourite pieces of jewellery. This one is probably the biggest ring I own. Furthermore, it has some sort of moonstone in the centre which is surrounded with some gold detailing. I'm sorry you can't see all of its details in the photos. The label says Opia or Oopia and it's a small size. It might be a little bit too small.

The final item was bought from my sister last week, when we had gone to Marks and Spencer. It is a silver, cuff necklace with carved lines. Another item that I had seen a lot, but didn't have the courage to try. It was the last of its kind on the rack and as soon as my eyes found it, I knew I had no option but to buy it. Luckily my sister offered to pay for it and I couldn't say no. It was 15€, but we ended up paying 10, since it was on sale for some odd reason. Also, the label says it's from Limited collection. Both jewellery have a mythological and vintage feel that I love.
So, I believe that is all I want to say. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, unlike mine. If you are a Merlin fan, you know what I mean.
Have an amazing New Years and I might have a surprise blog post on that day!
Goodbye :)


  1. I love the white shirt! I want to get something similar. I've seen a similar one at OVS.

    1. Really? I've been to OVS recently and I didn't see anything like it!

      Thanks :)


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