Saturday, 15 December 2012
Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. Today, after decorating our Christmas tree at home, I felt like blogging about something related to the upcoming holidays and I decided to go for nail varnish. Tonight's blog post is on my top 11 nail varnishes for winter and the holidays. You may think eleven is a big number, but I have different shades and different finishes for different tastes. So let's take a closer look at them!

Starting from left to right we have one of my favourite polishes from China Glaze called Solar Flare. You might have seen me use this before. It has gold particles that are medium to big in size, in a clear lacquer. For this product, it would be best if applied with a base colour underneath.

Moving on to a shade that I have actually blogged about, a while ago. The so originally named Purple from Leciel Paris. This is a perfectly balanced purple. Not too red, not too blue. I just love it!

Next we have a very recent purchase, bought today to be honest, the Orly nail lacquer in the shade Flare. This is a great golden colour with small iridescent shimmer.

You didn't expect a post without any Gosh products, did you? Next is Mystical, featured in my last blog post. A gorgeous medium dark brown with tiny purple iridescent shimmer.

OPI's Into The Night is another favourite of mine for this time. Do you remember when I blogged about it and I said a review will come soon? Well I haven't posted that review yet, but now you have a swatch at least! It's a beautiful dark royal blue, with hints of purple and iridescent shimmer.

The other item featured in my latest blog post is Cobalt Blue from Gosh. It has no shimmer. Simply the most amazing blue shade in the world! Exaggerating much?

Next we have another shade that has been shown previously. Sugar from Nubar, is a gorgeous red based polish with small and medium glitter particles. Sadly, it's quite sheer and in order to be worn on it's own, it needs a lot of coats.

I have loved black nail polish for an incredibly long time. I think it suits me and I don't understand why some people are sort of afraid of such a colour. Here we have the Gosh Nero, but it's not the only black in my collection.

You can never go wrong with a red nail polish! Red is a colour that I adore and I had to include a red shade in this post. Here I'm showing one from LR, which I believe it's called Red Diva, but I may be wrong! For some odd reason in the picture it looks pink, but it's a red with a small hint of pink. It's basically a little bit cool toned.

The OPI Save Me, was shown in a previous post as well. This is one of the most interesting varnishes since it has tiny silver shimmer and sort of metallic blue and light orange holographic particles. So unique!

Lastly I have a shade called Golden Dragon from Gosh (I can not help thinking about BBC's Merlin). This is an incredibly beautiful colour that isn't as dark as some other ones. Forest green and golden, small glittery particles unite in this product in this most gorgeous way.

F.Y.I. All swatches have two coats of the varnishes.

So that is all for today! I hope you have enjoyed it and I shall talk to you next Saturday!
What are your top nail varnishes for the season?


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