Monday, 4 August 2014

Hello everybody. How was your weekend? Today's post is about a night out with my friends in Limassol. We met for dinner at Doors Lounge Bar Restaurant and I enjoyed a delicious and fresh Caesar Salad. It was a lovely place. The second and third photos were taken there.

After our dinner, we decided to take a walk around the Medieval castle and we ended up in Haroupomelos Laniti, which is like an exhibition building. The fourth picture was taken there as well as the first one. Last time I went there was with uni for a Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, which was pretty interesting. In case you were interested in my outfit, my cropped, monochrome, polka dot printed top is a very recent purchase from the Marks and Spencer sale, as well as my stone studded, butterfly sandals. My blue skirt is from Stradivarius and my ivory handbag is from Primark, as well as my silver ring necklace. My black, Vogue, prescription glasses are very new. Do you like them? I'm still getting used to them.

Then, we carried on walking towards the Limassol Marina. It's a beautiful place at night. I love all the lights that turn on at dusk, as they create such lovely lens flares and bokeh. I just wished I had the time and a tripod to shoot some long exposure photographs. But let's be glad that at the last minute I decided to put my DSLR camera in my bag. Photos five to nine were shot at the Marina.

Lastly, we walked back to the Medieval castle area and joined a friend that left us after dinner, at another lounge bar restaurant, called Ousia. There was live music from two guys, and one of them was from our high school. His voice was incredible and I wished I could've stayed longer, but the friend who was my ride was really tired and she had to wake up really early the next day. The last photo is from our table.

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  1. That sounds like such a wonderful night! I love that skirt. Such a pretty colour.

  2. Everything looks sooooo nice!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  3. Such a cute skirt and nice pictures!

  4. Gorgeous pictures, I love what you're wearing.

  5. Nice night time shots! I really like the volume in that skirt.

    Tara x

  6. You are talented and stylish! Lovely and laid-back outfit and perfect summery pics! Good job hun <3

    xo xo


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