Friday, 15 August 2014

Today's post is all about an online women fashion shop I was recently introduced to. Dresswe, cheap special occasion dresses promotion - - it's a very budget friendly place to shop for any occasion. You can find any type of clothing, shoes and accessories for simple everyday wear, for formal events and even your own wedding! You can literally find whatever you are looking for, your prom outfit, a pair of casual shoes or stunning jewellery. Dresswe 2014 cheap homecoming dresses online -

Personally, I haven't ordered anything from their website yet, so I can't say anything for the quality of the items, but this post is a wish-list. It's basically a list of the items I would like to purchase from them - shown on the picture above.

Firstly, we have a pair of zebra patterned mid heels oxhide pumps. I remember my sister used to own a similar pair a few years ago and I always wanted to wear them, but they were too big for my feet. Ever since then, I've wanted to include zebra pattered shoes in my shoe collection. It's a pair that would spice up any simple outfit, without any effort. A pair of jeans and a plain white tea become something else when worn with such interesting shoes. Similarly, that's how the turquoise special design pointed stiletto heels, would work too. A shoe that would add life to any outfit. But, I believe that my favourite footwear on this list are the black, graffiti starry pattern, women elevator canvas shoes. They're the most practical pair, ideal for everyday at uni and for an evening out with friends. The last pair of shoes I'd like to mention are those blue, stiletto heels, closed-toe pumps. I've wanted a pair like them for a while, perfect for a night out.

Moving on to dresses, the most casual one is the Vogue Color Block Wave Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress. It's very versatile, perfect for everyday wear, but when paired with the right accessories, it can be worn to special occasions, as well. Under the zebra heels, there's a stunning and chic Column Mini, Strapless Evening/Cocktail Dress. Next to that, we have a very fancy and beautiful A-Line, Scoop Neck with Beads, Floor-Length Evening Dress. There's also a more casual dress, the Romantic Short Sleeve Lace Dress. Lastly, we have an elegant and beautiful Butterfly Bracelet/Ankle Chain.

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