Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hello everybody. As I'm watching/listening to the Dan and Phil show on Radio 1 - I just heard that they were in Cyprus and I literally died - I decided to write a new post. This my second out in the town post, and I really like sharing with you some of the photos I take when I go out with friends. I hope you do too. That night was quite simple, we just went for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, and then went for a walk. If you're ever in Limassol, Cyprus you need to visit Pascucci and order a chicken Caesar salad. It is the most delicious salad I have ever tried. Just thinking about it now makes me hungry!

During our walk we saw a horse and a carriage and it was €15 for a ride next to the sea, but we skipped that. The horse looked beautiful, though. You know what else looks beautiful? The city at night, with all the lights. I'm usually complaining about my country, but it does look good at night.

In case you're wondering about my outfit, my blue ombre, shirt dress is from and my ivory handbag from Primark.

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