Thursday, 24 April 2014

My name is Georgia and yesterday was Saint George's Day, meaning it was my name day. In Cyprus, and the Greeks in general celebrate name days —  I think it's not a big thing worldwide. So, I thought I'd share a bit of the day I had with you. Firstly, my mum woke me up really early because she needed help to clean the house — how exciting, I know.

At noon, I met up with a friend from uni, because I was going to help her with an assignment. Basically, I was her model for a McDonald's advertisement. Oh, you wouldn't believe me if I told you what she had me do! That's why you see us enjoying some delicious junk food in the first picture. Sadly, by the time we were done with shooting, our fries and food were cold. The reason I have a photo of us eating is for my assignment. I'm not going to use this exact photo, but a similar one, for a McDonald's ad that addresses friendship. Hopefully my professor will like it, but I sincerely doubt it, as he is a very hard man to please.

At night, I had dinner with my family and a couple of hours later, my sister visited us with her husband and their adorable, little daughter. If you're an old reader, then you definitely remember me talking about babysitting or my niece in general. They brought the muffins you see in the second photo — everyone in my family knows my addiction to muffins. The cake you see next to them was a surprise from my dad. It's my favourite cake —  it's soooo delicious!

Remember mentioning my niece? Well, that's her in the last picture, blowing out a candle. She's obsessed with blowing out candles, and she wants us to sing her the Happy Birthday song, again and again and again. But how can you say no to her? She's the most adorable creature.

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  1. Wow! I can't believe I just found out you're from Cyprus. I've never been there but I really really want to go some day. I've been to Greece and I loved it so Cyprus is next in my bucketlist.

    I'm sure your teacher will like the photos. I definitely did! And we celebrate name days in Spain too. It's good to know we're not the only ones.

    Sorry for the long comment…

    xoxo, Be || lovefrombe

    Ps. Your niece and my baby cousin should become friends. They both love the Happy Birthday song… hehe ;)

  2. it's funny that you celebrate saints ! In france sometimes people wish us a happy "saint day" but we never really celebrate it! I've learnt something today :)

  3. Χρονια σου Πολλα συμπατριωτακι. Να περνας παντα ομορφα.

  4. great post and awesome photos! :)



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