Thursday, 17 April 2014

Once again, it feels like I haven't blogged in ages, because, well, I haven't! I've had this outfit's photos taken a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn't shared them with you due to my laziness. It's no secret that I'm a lazy person and all I want to do is watch films and TV shows, but there's uni too. So many things to get done and so little time. 

Like the majority of my fashion posts, I am not wearing any makeup here. This is another outfit I've worn to uni. I wake up before 7am with less than 30 minutes to get ready, these days. As a result wearing makeup is out of the question, unless I want to miss the bus. Sure I could bring my makeup products with me and get my face done later, but I'm lazy, remember? I can't be bothered, and quite frankly, I believe there's nothing wrong with that. I don't see why each woman or girl has to mask her natural face. I'm perfectly fine showing my black under-eye circles, my spots, blackheads and imperfections. And why shouldn't I be? Just so I could look better? Why should I look better? Don't get me wrong, I love wearing makeup, I enjoy applying it, and I love the confidence it can provide me with. But I do feel like there is something wrong with our society, sometimes. Why is our version of beauty something fake, plastic even? 

Anyway, those were just some of the stuff that were in my head for a while and I thought I ought to share them with you. I'd love to know your thoughts on the matter, do you agree or disagree with my confused ideas?

On to the actually outfit information. My ivory jumper is from Mango, my blue satchel and gold, heart ring are from Primark. My purple jeans are from Terranova and my purple chain necklace is from Marks & Spencer. Lastly, I'm wearing my most loved, magenta and checked converse trainers.

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  1. You look gorgeous without makeup too! I believe choosing to or not to wear makeup all the time is a very personal choice. I don't mind going without it, but sometimes that teeny bit of under-eye concealer can make me feel so much better. But then again, that won't be true for everyone.

  2. Beautiful photography :)
    You certainly don't need makeup to look lovely!

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  3. You have beautiful clear skin! Lovely photo's!

  4. Great outfit, I so wish we had Mango here in Australia!

    I have an INTERNATINAL GIVEAWAY for a $500 shopping spree on my blog, hope you will enter...

  5. you don't need makeup, I love the fresh faced and natural look!

  6. Very nice photos! I totally relate with you, I'm a lazy person too, hihi!
    XO Shary

  7. Gorgeous pics, so natural and organic! Loves it


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