Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I haven't done a wishlist post for a while, but summer is about a month away, so I've decided to share with you my top fashion picks of this season from New Look. It's one of my favourite shops, as it has very fashionable items, but great prices too. It also has awesome sales – I am a massive sale shopper – and most importantly it ships to Cyprus! You can tell I have a grunge against companies that don't ship to where I live. Sometimes, they do ship here, but their shipping costs are insanely expensive. Anyway, I just needed to get that anger out of me. Sorry for the little rant.

If you are a loyal blog reader, or viewer of my youtube hauls and fashion videos then it's no surprise to you that I've chosen something with polka dots. It's no secret that I love patterned fashion, but I do have a soft spot for polka dots. This light-wash denim dress seems like a great piece to have in your wardrobe, as you could wear it without any accessories and still look great. Of course you could add some cute and dainty jewellery, or a statement necklace if you want to take it to the next level.

I've never tried anything similar to this and it looks like a very beautiful item. It seems perfect for lazy girls like myself, who don't have much time to get ready in the morning, but always love to stand out. 99% of the times I go out my hair is just simple and natural, straight to wavy, with a bit of product just to keep them smooth. Basically, I do nothing interesting with my hair, so hair accessories like this one are a must for me, as I get bored of having the same hairstyle every single day.

3. Blue Floral Disco Shorts - 22,99 € 
Here's another item with a pattern and it's floral. Could it be more perfect for spring and summer? These high-wasted, light-wash disco shorts look adorable and I need more shorts in my closet. The fact that they're disco shorts probably means that they're form fitting, but very comfortable too.

4. Green Colour Block Metal Plate Satchel - 19,99 €
I don't own a green bag and I believe I should. I love colourful satchels and my blue one from Primark is getting a lot of use, so it would be nice to get another one. The great thing about a colourful bag is that you can wear a very simple outfit but the bag will make it interesting. This one is perfect for day and night.

5. Brown Animal Print Half Frame Sunglasses - 6,99 €
This wishlist wouldn't be complete without a pair of sunnies, it's a spring/summer wishlist after all. My eyes are very sensitive to sunlight and I live in a very sunny place, so the more sunglasses I have, the better. There are two types of frames that I like, the retro/round ones and cat-eye. This pair of shades falls in the latter category. Noticed that even the sunglasses I've picked have a print on them? I breathe prints these days!

6. Parisian Blue Floral Stripe Print Belted Dress - 29,99 €
This is the perfect summer dress. It has a beautiful, blue, floral print and a white belt to give definition to the waist, which is always a bonus. I am honestly in love with it and I need it right now! Again, it's an item that can be worn without accessories during a relaxing holiday, or it can be transformed with the way you style it. It's all in your hands.

7. Red Buckle Strappy Open Toe Wedges - 29,99 €
Last, but certainly not least, we have a gorgeous pair of shoes. Their bright red colour makes them ideal for summer and spring. They're wedges which means height – and I need all the height I can get as the short girl that I am – but comfort as well. I absolutely love wearing wedges during this season. I don't really wear heels that much, because I find them incredibly uncomfortable after a few hours of wear.

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