Thursday, 29 January 2015

It's still the first month of the new year so I am entitled to post some kind of resolutions for 2015. I have quite a few random ones, do well at uni, get better at drawing, sell some illustrations, be happy, see my friends, enjoy quality time with my family, etc. But when it comes to my blog, we are entering a different and bigger set of resolutions. I've managed to narrow it down to around 5, though.

1. Most importantly, I must blog more than any year before. I failed to keep that promise last year - 2014 resolutions post. 2014 was actually the worst year in terms of the quantity of content on Beauty Inside Art, with just 42 blog posts - how shameful. I was miles behind the 89 posts of 2013 and even 2012's 59 posts. This year I must publish more than 90 blog posts, but not just anything. I want to share quality content, with stunning photography.

2. In order to achieve the stunning photography I want, I should invest in some equipment soon. I most certainly need a better tripod - as I mentioned in my Blog Photography Tips - the one I currently use is not very sturdy and I've had it since early 2012. One other thing I would like to buy at some point, is professional lighting, maybe a soft box or a ring light. Not only for blogging purposes, because I'm also a photographer and filmmaker.

3. This blog is overdue a design makeover. I can't remember since when I created this template with Artisteer, but as I am currently on my second semester of Web Design and Development, I think it's something to be ashamed of. I should use my 'skills' and 'knowledge' to create a minimalistic but cute design that captures my personality and my blog's identity. You can expect the blog re-design in late May-early June, when uni ends.

4. Another thing you should expect around that time, is to forget about the ending to my blog's link. If all goes according to plan, I will have bought a domain name and it will be just a .com. I'm not a 100% if I should change my blog's name at that time, what do you think? Do you like Beauty Inside Art?

5. Now, let's be a bit greedy for the finale of this post. By the end of 2015 I would like to have reached 100 000 views on the blog. At this exact moment, I have 53 858, so that means I need to get 46 142 views in a year. That's quite an ambitious and difficult resolution to make, but I would want to do my best and get more traffic here. Considering it took me less than 3 years to reach 50 000, it really seems impossible to reach the number I want. But if I reach something like 70 000, I'll probably be happy too. I just want to aim high and see what happens.

Thanks for reading. It'll be so fun to see what happens in this year. I hope you like this little post and tell me what are your resolutions for 2015, it can be about anything.


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  1. aw loved this post Georgia - all the best with your resolutions we all believe in you!!
    ps: i do like beautyinsideart as your blog name, its so unique <3

  2. Fab blog resolutions girl!! xx

    Abi | - Don't forget to enter my giveaway

  3. so glad to have come across your blog, will be following:) just did a similar post!

  4. Congrats on aiming high! Excited to see the new blog design.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  5. Good luck with your resolutions!

  6. you have a lovely blog! good luck with your resolutions, your design is already awesome though ha! :) x

  7. Aw lovely post, good luck with your resolutions! I'm sure you could easily reach 100,000 views! // UK Fashion Blog

  8. These are such great resolutions! I know that you can achieve them all :)

  9. We love the design of your blog. It's nice and simple which is what we like

    M + K

  10. Good Luck on your 100,000 aim girl. You can do it, just post good quality content frequently and be super active in the blogging community and you'll be fine. I'm now following you on GFC and Bloglovin, please follow me back on both hun x

  11. good luck on all of your goals, i am trying to post a lot more to! x

  12. Very nice photos and they are very creativ !!! I like it so much !!!

    I want to invite you to visit and Follow my blog ! iT’S SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY LOVING GOOD FASHION AND HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS !!
    follow for follow ? you start ;)


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