Thursday, 15 January 2015

Ah, I feel like I haven't done a lifestyle post in ages. My last one was probably in the summer, mainly because I hadn't been going out at all, until the Christmas holidays. Well, I can't say that I've been going out that much, I've been quite ill these past few weeks. Nonetheless, before I got ill, I went to the mall with a close friend and I took a ton of photos - seriously sorry for posting so many.

The mall and the shops were so crowded, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see that BeautyLine sells Rimmel and NYX cosmetics. Personally, I haven't tried NYX, so if you have any product recommendation, please leave them in the comments. Rimmel, on the other hand is one of my favourite brands, I've tried a Kate Moss lipstick, a shade from the Apocalips range, a 60 second nail varnish, a ScandalEyes liner, the Stay Matte Powder and Wake Me Up foundation. I love and use all of these products, except the foundation, as it is slightly darker than my skin-tone and filled with shimmer. Anyway, after a lot of swatching, testing and deliberation, I bought two items - yes, just two, I don't have a lot of money to spend - you can see them in my recent haul.

I had one more amazing surprise. Essie is available in Cyprus - praise the lord! I've always had issues with ordering nail varnishes online, as some stores won't ship them. I love Essie and I got overwhelmed with all those beautiful shades and thus I didn't buy anything - I was in shock, okay? My only fear is that they might stop bringing them, and I won't have the opportunity to enjoy this brand.

Some of my other photos include Zara and Swarovski storefronts. Oh, and you can see my awkward attempt to take an outfit photo in a jewellery store, as my friend was paying for some earrings. I've filmed a Get Ready With Me video for my look, but let me say quickly that my jumper and skirt are from Stradivarius, ankle boots from Corso Italia, coat and handbag from Primark.

The last set of photos are from T.G.I Friday's - my favourite place to eat - and they had some lovely christmasy decorations. I enjoyed a delicious chicken burger with philadelphia soft cream cheese - yuuuummm - with a peach iced tea.

I hope this post doesn't feel too delayed, but I couldn't just leave it forgotten on my computer - I've done that for a lot of posts.

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