Saturday, 3 January 2015

Following the post I did about the 2013 most viewed posts on this blog, this post is about my top 2014 ones. Basically, I'm going to show you the posts that have the most views and were created in 2014.

This hasn't been the best year in terms of quantity of content, but I hope and believe that the content's quality has increased from previous years. I found myself writing a lot more fashion and lifestyle blog posts in 2014, which is something I really enjoyed. I've let more of my personality shine through this little website, I believe.
  1. How I organise my make-up
    I don't believe I expected that this post would be my most viewed one, but maybe it's because it was created in January. To briefly describe it, it's a blog post that shows how I organise my makeup - which is still similar to the way I have it now - after throwing a lot of unused cosmetics. Also, it's a bit like a makeup collection post too. It's most certainly not my favourite blog post here, but you should check it out.

  2. A Makeup-less Face : the fashion
    Again, I'm surprised but glad to see this one so high, as it is a rather simple, everyday uni outfit. The only thing special about it is that I briefly talk about why I don't wear makeup everyday, and I just express some thoughts about our society. In addition, I really like the photography of the post.

  3. A Day in February : the fashion
    Another fashion post with lovely photography. I believe this was my first time taking such good fashion photos on my own, and it was the time I fell in love with the whole process. Again, it's an everyday outfit for university.

  4. Currently Watching
    If there's one thing I love more than shopping, it's watching TV shows. Actually, I used to have a blog reviewing episodes, but I can barely take care of this blog, you can imagine how neglected that one is. So, I don't see a reason why I shouldn't talk about what I'm watching on this blog. This post mentions 5 TV series I was watching at the time, and my thoughts on them.

  5. Animal Photography : the art
    Finally, we have a photography post. Photography is one of my biggest passions, in case you can't tell already. In this post I talk about 6 beautiful photos of animals - cats, horses, a bee, a butterfly and a snail - that I have taken. I give a bit of story behind each one and provide you with some technical information, like lenses, shutter speed, f-stop. Also, I give links as to where you could buy high quality prints of the photos. I'm glad that this post is included in this little list.
I'm also glad to see that there's a bit of beauty, fashion, art and life on the top for 2014. 2014 was the year that I decided to include more different types of blog posts, and it's good that people responded to that. Of course there were other posts that I worked harder on and believed that they would receive more recognition. Here's to a successful 2015 and less blogging breaks from me!

Is there a blog post of mine that you really like?

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