Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Pale pink is probably the last colour you would think for Christmas, but personally, I have fallen in love with Essie's Fiji. It feels like a shade that could be appropriate for every time of the year, for every season. For summer it's fresh and cool, for autumn is fun and unexpected, for winter it can mimic the snow and cold weather, for spring it can represent the fragile new flowers that are beginning to blossom — that sounds rather poetic.

essie fiji nail polish lacquer varnish

Let's not forget that it could look absolutely lovely for bridal nails, as well. I believe it is timeless, classy but also fun. I can imagine people of all ages and colours with their nails painted to this. I'm pretty sure it suits everyone. In addition, it definitely is more flattering on the nails than pure white, which in some cases looks completely unnatural.

Like with the majority of nail varnishes, you probably need two to three, thin coats for best results, however, the brush applicator that Essie nail polishes have is very convenient. That being said, in some cases air gets trapped between the coats of lacquer and some tiny bubbles may appear on the nail. That usually happens when I'm in a hurry and don't allow the layers to completely dry, and/or I am applying thick coats.

I'm going to attempt to blog every day for December  I'm probably going to fail dramatically  to try to make up for all the months that I hadn't posted anything.


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