Tuesday, 18 June 2013
Today's blog post is about five empty and boring products. About six months ago, I decided to start collecting my empty products, so I can film an empties video with at least 10 items. Why six months ago, you may ask. Well, I am horrible when it comes to using up products, so I thought I'd start collecting them until I reach a good number. To be honest, I haven't counted them and they're scattered all over my room's drawers, so I might have enough for a video. Nonetheless, these were the five items I found in my nail varnish drawer. Shall we get started?

1. LR Aloe Vera Hand Care Extra Rich Hand Cream: I haven't used this in a while, but I remember this being a very moisturising and thick cream. It has 40% Aloe Vera, Almond oil, and it claims to smooth and regenerate the skin. Also, it is addressed to very dry skin, and I use this during the winter as my hands get incredibly dry. This cream however, doesn't have a very appealing smell, but it's not strong, so I don't mind.

2. LR Aloe Vera Face Care Moisturising Lip Care: Currently I am using this product, just a new one. It's not the best lip balm, but it does the job and it's cheap. It contains 40% Aloe Vera, as well. In addition, it's free from  parabens and mineral oil. Again, this is a non scented product.

3. LR Aloe Vera Face Care Soft Skin Cleansing Tissues: These used to be my go-to makeup removing method during the winter, until I run out of them and started using the Avon Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover lotion. Yes, I use an eye makeup remover for my face, I have sensitive skin and I'm lazy. The cleansing tissues have 30% Aloe Vera and are free from mineral oil and parabens. Again, these aren't scented and aren't amazing. I find them very good in terms of removing makeup, but no so great for removing mascara.

4. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Miraculous Recovery Masque: This is an old product. I think my sister bought this two years ago and gave it to me, last summer, when I had dyed my hair red. It was finished during the winter too and then I replaced it with the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Conditioning Treatment Masque. This was truly a miraculous product. It made my hair so unbelievable soft and I couldn't compare it with anything. It is described as a rich anti-breakage nourishing crème for damaged hair caused by excess heat styling. Also, it says that the result would be strong, silky hair that shines. But I know that they have a newer version of this and I haven't tried it. I'm so glad my sister recommended this to me and introduced me to John Frieda Masques.

5. Nivea Pearl & Beauty 48 Hour Deodorant: This is a product that I finished up a couple of weeks ago. It was a great change from my old deodorant, which I had been using over and over again, because my sister had bought me two bottles of as a Christmas gift, but when I tried this I was more pleased. Again, I have to thank my sister for this, as she bought one for herself and another one for me. Maybe it was a buy one get one free kind of deal at the store. I absolutely love the smell, in contrast to the other one which was unscented. I have replaced this with another Nivea deodorant, I think it's the Double Effect. I'm too lazy, to get up and find it.

Those were five empty products that I have used up in the last six months. I understand that these products aren't very interesting, and that's why I haven't filmed a video version yet. I hope you've enjoyed this blog post and let me know what products you have used up recently. Also, please do not forget to follow my blog with bloglovin' as GFC isn't going to be around for long. If everything goes according to my plan, there will be an Instagram post tomorrow, an Outfit of the Day on Thurday and a new video on Friday.

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