Wednesday, 26 June 2013
Hello everyone. I hope your week has been great so far. Mine, however, has been very strange and quite dangerous, I dare say. On Monday, my one year old little niece started choking when I was feeding her lunch and she wasn't able to breathe for about a minute. I was petrified that she was actually going to die, right in front of me. Thank God, my father was able to get her to throw up and get that thing out of her throat. Other odd things happened, like something burned my mum's eye, my dad burning his arm and my brother breaking his nose. There's something seriously wrong going on in my house!

Anyway, enough with the family drama. We're all safe and sound now. As it is Wednesday today, we have an Instagram blog post. The first photo shows the outfit pieces I wore for last Thursday's fashion post. Next to that there's a delicious snack my lovely dad prepared for me. The last photo of the first row is of an old ankle boot that I've removed the studs of before recycling it. First photo of the second row is of the nose pore strips from M&S I used during the weekend. Next to that is the unfinished and failed attempt to draw Matt Smith from a still in The Bells of Saint John. Lastly we have the outfit pieces for tomorrow's fashion post.

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