Wednesday, 12 September 2012
Hi everyone! For my Wednesday blog post I am reviewing the lipstick 150 Kitten Pink from the cosmetics company Gosh. If you have visited my blog before, you might have noticed my obsession with Gosh makeup or you might have seen the haul I posted a while ago mentioning this product.

So, I have to admit this was more of an impulse buy, rather than something I've had my eye on for a while. When I came home and tried it on my lips I was a bit surprised at how bright the lipstick actually is. It's a very confusing colour, to be honest. The colour is a true pink, not much of a blue undertone, although some times it looks fuchsia or magenta depending on the lighting. It's definitely not the best everyday colour, but still it's not really a statement lipstick.

As always, in the first picture on the left my lips are completely bare and the rest are just pictures with the same amount of lipstick just in different lighting. This product is very moisturising, like all the Gosh lipsticks I own, but it kind of feels even more moisturising. I find that the glossy feeling of it fades quite easily by drinking or eating something. When that gloss leaves the lipstick has sort of stained your lips with a very pretty fuchsia/magenta colour, that doesn't fade easily nor is drying. Of course if you brush your teeth it will completely fade away.
So, I hope you liked my post and if you did, why won't you tell me with a comment?
Also, I hope you appreciate me staying home and writing this post rather than going to my Uni's Welcome Party! I'm just kidding, I wasn't able to go anyway! Good Bye everyone! Love ya, Gina :)


  1. I just brought this lipstick! Im loving it, an intense yet moisturising formula that never feels dry! Lasts a few hours before you have to reapply it. Definitely go give it a try especially if you like your pink lipsticks! You can make it wearable for every day if you find it too bright by adding a slight mauve colour gloss on top!


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