Friday, 21 September 2012
Hello everyone and I hope you are all doing well! For my last blog post of the week I've decided to share with your beautiful souls my current go-to beauty products. These are the cosmetics that I have been using everyday to get ready in the morning for University. Let's start by saying how I want to look for uni. I want a routine that takes a couple of minutes and I really don't want to look like I'm wearing any makeup, especially since the other girls in my class don't look overdone.

 I start by applying my Aloe Vera Day Cream from LR, because my skin is normal to dry and this moisturizer is amazing for dry skin. This product is under 20 Euro. I skip foundation because when you are a perfectionist like me it takes forever to blend and I really don't have a lot of blemishes. Instead I use concealer to cover up any darkness under the eyes, around the mouth, redness on my cheeks and the veins on my eyelids. I am currently using Select Cover Up Concealer in NW20, which is a good match for me, maybe it would have been better if it were an NW15. I apply the concealer with an E25 brush from Sigma. I believe I paid about 18euro for it. After that I set the concealer with a tinted loose powder from LR with the same brush, focusing on the eye area, because the concealer will crease if not set properly. The powder has the old packaging and if you were to buy it today, you would pay 15euro.

Moving on to the eyes I use a tinted brow gel to fix and add some colour to my blond eyebrows. The brow gel is again from the German company LR, it's called Perfect Browstyler in the shade Dark Liquid and it costs 14euro since it's from the Deluxe line. Then I curl my lashes and apply Gosh Serious Volume Mascara in Black which I already have a review on. The only problem is that I got this mascara as a gift so I can't be sure about it's pricing, but I'm guessing it can't be more than 15euro. After achieving amazing lashes I apply some Aloe Vera Lip Balm that costed me 5euro. The last thing I do before leaving the house is to apply perfume. Now, the bottle you see in the picture isn't actually the perfume of the line. It's the deodorant, but since I have run out of the perfume, I use that instead which is basically the same scent with more alcohol, meaning it will fade easier. Something else I should mention is that the perfume used to be named Leona Lewis, but now it has change to Heart and Soul and costs under 27euro. That is amazing for an Eau de Parfum that smells so heavenly! I think it deserves it's own blog post. The perfume/deodorant is from LR surprise, surprise. When I come home I remove my minimal makeup with my LR Aloe Vera Cleansing Tissues that I bought for 7. Okay, I think that's about it. That's a long post! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and please share what are your go-to products for everyday, because you might help improve mine.
Love ya, Gina :)


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