Monday, 10 September 2012
Hello everyone! I hope that your day has been wonderful! Today as I came home back from Uni, I decided to film the "No mirror makeup challenge". I gathered all the products I'd need and started filming it. It was such a strange experience and the results were not what I expected. First of all, I felt like I wasn't applying much foundation, but soon you will see how cakey my makeup looked. In addition, I was expecting a thin line of eyeliner, but again I was surprised with multiple thick lines and believe it or not a winged liner effect!

Here you can admire my impressive makeup skills! I realise, I may seem sad in the pictures and there's a reason to that. As I've previously mentioned, I was recording the process of applying my makeup without a mirror and I was satisfied with it. I really could not wait until watching the footage I had recorded, but my beloved camera basically got stuck when I clicked the stop button. I waited and waited and waited, but nothing happened. So, I decided to simply remove the battery and connect it to my computer. The file wasn't able to open with any of my programmes. LOVELY! Twenty minutes of my crazily busy schedule gone. I was so upset, because I was really looking forward to editing and uploading the video. I thought it would be enjoyable and maybe a bit entertaining. Maybe I will attempt another no mirror makeup challenge video soon. Would you like to watch a video like that?
Thank you for reading,
Georgia :)


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