Monday, 17 September 2012

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For this Monday's blog post I am sharing this nail art design I did on Friday, because of a recent purple nail varnish purchase.

Here you can see what I came out with. There's quite a lot of a gradient effect going on. I love purple for fall and this shade is just amazing. I can see it been featured in my September favourites. Yes, I'll finally make a favourites video! I'm sorry I didn't do one for summer as I had promised.

Here we have all the items I used for my nail care and design. I started off with a clear polish as my base and moved on to three coats of the new purple varnish I mentioned. The Leciel Paris Nail Varnish in Purple. I know, such an original name! But it suits the product well since it's a true purple, not too warm, not too cool. The bottle is so small and cute as you can see from the pictures and the brush is good too. I paid 5 euro for it. The varnish could be amazing with just one coat, but I wasn't applying enough so I needed three to make it look perfect. Now on to the gradients. For my ring finger and thumb I started with OPI's Save Me Nail Lacquer on an eyeshadow sponge, shown in the picture above. Can we please take a moment and say how beautiful this product is? I love glitter polishes and this is definitely one of my favourites! Okay, let's move on. After that I uses a light purple/lavender shade to make another gradient on top of the OPI one and going a bit further down. Then I reapplied the OPI Save Me just on the tip of the nail, again by using an eyeshadow sponge. Now, to my index finger I only did the lavender gradient/ombre effect, without any glitter. I finished the design with some top coat and that's it. I hope you like my post and if you do, please let me know! If you would like me to film the process somewhat explained above, please do tell me. I hope your week will be beautiful, just like you!


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