Monday, 3 September 2012
Hello everyone and welcome to one more BeautyInsideArt blog post! Today I am going to share how I've recently organised my nail polishes / varnishes / lacquers. On Saturday, I went to IKEA and purchased a drawer separator/organiser in order to be used for my makeup collection. A blog post on that is coming soon. So, I used what I bought and I was left with another smaller organiser that I used to have my makeup essentials. So after some time thinking about how I could use the item, I decided it would be a lifesaver in my nail stuff drawer. 

This is how messy my nail things looked before organising them. It was really horrible and I hated it.

 This is the organiser that I used, found at a local shop called Jumbo.

This is how the nail drawer looked after my organising. What do you think? You must be thinking that I really don't have many nail polishes and that's quite true, considering that my sister has a very unhealthy need to buy more and more nail stuff. I just use hers.

And this is how it looks after adding some more products. Do you think it looks organised? What are your organising tips? Trust me, I need them! :)


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