Wednesday, 31 July 2013
Hello everyone. How has your week been so far? My phone is still broken, so no Instagram  post this week. Instead, I've decided to blog about my latest painting. Like I said my phone is broken at the moment, so I have been using my old one and quite randomly I found an old photo that my dad had taken. That photo was of a beautiful sunrise at the sea where my dad works. He goes to work around 4 am, so he has seen this scenery many times. One day he decided to capture it for me, because he knows that I love sunrises and sunsets. So when  I found the photo that he had taken and sent me, I was thrilled, because I had completely forgotten about how much I wanted to paint it. Well, I decided to go ahead and attempt to draw it and here it is. I'm still not a great painter, but I'm satisfied with my abilities as an artist. 


  1. OH MY GOD! Did you really draw it? Let me say you girl are AMAZING! I swear it is gorgeous, and it's weird cause I see it and I feel peace if that makes sense.. Talented lady! :)

    Mónica <3


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